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More than 300 tube sites are waiting for your videos! We are constantly adding new adult tube sites to the Tube Sites Submitter database. Today there are more than 310 and we are adding more! Create over 300 profiles on these adult tube sites with Tube Sites Submitter and start uploading your videos now. New … Read more

Automatic profile creation on adult tube sites

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Tube Sites Submitter will automatically or manually create profiles on over 200 adult tube sites. You can choose from up to 200 different categories! In this article we will recall the importance of registering profiles at adult tube sites. Most of you did this when you purchased Tube Sites Submitter, but it’s important to note, … Read more

Use JPEG or JPG, it’s better than PNG

We bring you more tips on how to use Tube Sites Submitter properly. Use JPEG or JPG! If you are making your own thumbnails from your video then save it in JPG or JPEG formats instead of PNG. Many adult tube sites allow the upload of custom thumbnails, therefore it’s better to create a screenshot … Read more