Update for Tube Sites Submitter!

Update Tube Sites Submitter

Dear users, Update for Tube Sites Submitter is ready! Every day we go through the list of adult tube sites and our team is constantly fixing broken sites or adding new adult tube sites where you can instantly upload your videos. Today we bring you a small part of the list of adult tube sites … Read more

What can I do if I have this buzz : Number of activations in last 30 days exceeded

“Number of activations in last 30 days exceeded” or “License used with new installation or database. You can change and activate new installation twice in 30 days. Do you wish to activate this installation?”  How can I use my license? When purchasing a single license one installation (copy) of TSS can be used on one PC. … Read more

How to create Groups in Tube Sites Submitter?

Groups are a very useful feature. This new function allows you to group tube sites according to your own structure or interests. It is one of the most useful utilities for me personally, because I create various groups based on conversions and traffic. First of all, my database is organized into traffic-based groups. Depending on … Read more