January update: New version


Also this year we bring news and a new version of Tube Sites Submitter. What is new ? We have fixed the work with categories. Now category management will be even easier. We have modified the editing of categories. You can delete a category by selecting it with the Del key. You can Drag&Drop a … Read more

New version of Tube Sites Submitter is coming.

We have improved your favorite software once again and have implemented some of your suggestions. We want Tube Sites Submitter to be an efficient tool for you! New version and what’s new? – login extended to max. 16 charactersTSS can register and log in to tube sites using an username up to 16 characters in … Read more

We have released the new version of Tube Sites Submitter

Upload - Submit Video to Youporn

New Version – We have released the new version of Tube Sites Submitter

Dear users,

we have released the latest version of Tube Sites Submitter today. You will find many new features that will make your work and insight into tube site uploads more efficient. We have integrated your ideas and suggestions, for which we are really thankful, and we are also pleased that this way a good community software can be created.

The new version has many new features, and we have integrated some of your ideas and suggestions as well.

And what’s new? Read everything we have prepared for you.

Simple Upload to Youporn.com

We have added a new feature that ensures a trouble free upload to Youporn.com. As you may already know Youporn.com is a tube site that requires watermark in the following format: domain.com/youporn. From now on it’s enough to create a subdirectory called ‘youporn.com’ in your video directory and place the youporn.com video into that subdirectory. The name of the video file has to be the same as the original video’s name (Video File under the Video tab).

Upload - Submit Video to Youporn
Upload – Submit Video to Youporn

The Profile directory is now mandatory

The Profile Folder under the first tab is an important feature. After setting it up all your upload results (screenshots) will be automatically saved into that folder on your computer, so they can be later analyzed. Many users did not set these parameters and did not had an overview about the tube site upload results. This is why we had made this parameter mandatory. Setting it up takes only a few seconds.

Tube Sites Submitter - Results Profile
Tube Sites Submitter – Results Profile

Muting the sounds in the application

Some of the tube sites have triggered various sounds effects during uploads ( automatic or manual ). This uncomfortable element during uploads has been solved and the sound has been turned off.

Support for HTTP Basic authorization

Uploading to tube sites an authorization at tube sites will also work through HTTP Basic authorization ( Pop Up ).

Upgrade.exe renamed to tube-upgrade.exe

For a better orientation in processes, we have changed the name of the exe file that manages the upgrade of Tube Sites Submitter. It’s called tube-upgrade.exe from now.

You will be able to request new tube sites directly from Tube Sites Submitter

For requesting Tube Sites we have added the Add Tube feature that goes directly to the form, which is for adding new tube sites into the database. It’s enough to fill out this form and our staff will add the tube site into the database.

Add Tube Sites
Add Tube Sites

Upload of avatar to tube sites while registering profiles

In the new version of Tube Sites Submitter you can choose your own avatar, which will be uploaded to your profile during registration to tube stats. In the old version this was not possible.

Avatar on tube sites
Avatar on tube sites

Backup and Restore the Tube Sites Submitter’s database

From now on you will be able to safely, quickly and easily backup your Tube Sites Submitter data on your computer. The backup feature will save a backup on your disk or at a location of your choosing. You can easily restore the Tube Sites Submitter’s database anytime when needed.

Backup/Restore Database
Backup/Restore Database

The active window of manual upload works in the background

In Tube Sites Submitter’s old version sometimes during manual upload this active window constantly appeared above the other windows. This has been fixed in the new version and these active uploads ( namely the windows where filling out forms or video upload was happening ) are now stacked under the other windows. This way these window won’t disturb during the upload process. The priority of these windows is set by you.

Resubmission of failed uploads or registrations made simpler

In the steps 2 ( Register ) and 4 ( Upload ) under the upload or registration results a new item has been added to the context menu called Resubmit Failed. Just click on the Resubmit Failed ( to bring up the context menu right click using your mouse ) and all your uploads or registrations with Error, Failed etc. results will be added to the upload or registration process queue and will be ready for re-upload or re-registration.

Resubmit Failed Submissions/Uploads
Resubmit Failed Submissions/Uploads

New context menu in step 3 ( Video )

Click using the right mouse button for bringing up the context menu where you have two items to choose from: the first is SCHEDULE IMMEDIATELY and the second option is called CANCEL SCHEDULE. This allows you to collectively set and change upload statuses in the entire video list. CTRL-A marks all the videos in the list, right click brings up the context menu and you can select the function according to your will.


Clear/Delete of account also deletes Request results

In step 2 ( Register ) when you click on Clear/Delete at tube site account settings it will also clear the status – the result of registration.

Tube Account Status
Tube Account Status

We have also fixed some minor bugs, and we have also fixed cookie deletion when submitting to partner tube sites.

Upgrade to the new version is for free.
Just open Tube Sites Submitter and the self-installation process will automatically install the new version. Also don’t forget to update the database, we have added new adult tube sites, where you can immediately create profiles and upload your videos.

Still not using Tube Sites Submitter? Start uploading your videos today to more than 230 adult tube sites!