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Build up your traffic! Upload your videos to more than 230 tube sites now!

Build up your traffic! Upload your videos to more than 230 tube sites now!

We bring you the current list of sites which are included in our database.

The list is constantly changing, because we update the database all the time with new tube sites.

You can upload your video to each tube site!

Would like to start now? Click here!

In the Tube Sites Submitter database there are currently more than 230 tube sites broken down by categories and rules.

Interested in Video Upload Service?

Interested in Video Upload Service?

Dear Users,

raise traffic and earnings on your sites! We offer you a service from our professionals, who are working with tube sites for more than 5 years achieve perfect results.

 We offer you a VIDEO UPLOAD SERVICE! We will create hundreds of social profiles on tube sites and we will upload your videos to more than 240 tube sites. You don’t any employees or freelancers, you need professionals, who know where and how to upload your videos by niche.

 If you are interested, or would like to know more, then just click here:

Are you familiar with our news? Your tube site can be in our database too!

 Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Chameleon Submitter Team

Don’t stress about tube submits and enjoy the summer!

Don’t stress about tube submits and enjoy the summer!

Don’t stress about tube submits and enjoy the summer! We’ll do all the work for you…

We offer you professional and unlimited upload of your videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including registration for tube sites! We have a large, regularly updated database of tube sites. It is up to you to specify the number of videos which you want to upload daily!
At the moment videos of our clients are uploaded to 200-250 tube sites daily. This database is continuously updated: we add new sites, repair the ones which are not working properly and remove those which are not productive or functional.

Advantages for you:
– no extra stress
– no set-up needed
– no installation needed
– no hosting fee expenses
– no employees
– no personnel costs
– no personnel management
– no complicated employee induction
– professional service
– fast service delivery


What can we offer you? What does our video upload service include?

We offer our service on a package basis and your customized package may contain:
Request a profile account in tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Enter your registration data in tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Confirm accounts on tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Enter client (affiliate program) login and password in the database
Upload videos to tube sites (200-300 tube sites)

Interested in more info? Click here for more about Video Upload service

DB udpade info – Tube Sites Submitter, TGP Submitter, LL Submitter

DB udpade info – Tube Sites Submitter, TGP Submitter, LL Submitter

Dear users,

Chameleon Submitter Team proudly maintains top traffic solution tools with regularly updated Databases.

We are happy to realize that our software is the only one of its kind out there on the market as each Chameleon product has its own database of sites, that is being reviewed, added, edited, and removed by hand on a daily basis.

TODAY MARCH-09-2015; the following updates have been completed:

– Tube sites update in Tube Sites Submitter
( Tube Sites Submitter – Upload Your Video To Hundreds Tube Sites In Just Minutes! )

– TGP/MGP sites update in Chameleon Submitter
( Chameleon TGP & MGP Submitter – Auto and Manual TGP Submitter ).

– Database update of Chameleon Partner Account Requester
( Chameleon Partner Account Requester ).

– Link Lists sites update in Chameleon Link List Submitter
( Chameleon Link List Submitter – auto and manual submit tool! )

You can now update all databases at your end by selecting Update from
the Database Menu (Database > Update) inside each software.

Best regards,

Chameleon Submitter Team

Does Tube Sites Submitter report an Invalid Format error with an MP4 file?

Does Tube Sites Submitter report an Invalid Format error with an MP4 file?

Have you ever encountered the problem with Tube Sites Submitter that it could not read or display an MP4 file? Then you probably have an incorrect codec which does not decode properly.

I have tested this codec and it works perfectly, just install it and restart your operating system. Download: Media Player Codec Pack

Updated 12/14/2016

Here you can download codec from our server 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Update the Tube Sites Submitter database, it is important!

Update the Tube Sites Submitter database, it is important!

Update the Tube Sites Submitter database to upload your videos more efficiently

This tutorial may seem unnecessary and some of you may even laugh at it, but it is extremely important. It shows how to update the Tube Sites Submitter database. The database now contains more than 220 tube sites and is regularly maintained by our update team, checking the sites daily, repairing links and deleting dead sites or those which do not accept new videos, and simply add more and more new tube sites which are hungry for new videos and need fresh content.

The Tube Sites Submitter database contains tube sites by their rules, e.g. video length, video size, categories, and other rules. Our team checks the sites daily and updates the values and rules if necessary.

If you’re interested in how to update your Tube Sites Submitter database, there is a short video we made.

Do not forget: Efficiency = Updated database

Tips & Tricks

Do you want to achieve maximum efficiency? Update your database before each upload of your videos or at least every day.

Once you’ve updated Tube Sites Submitter you can go to Step 2 (REGISTER) to review the tube sites which have been added and register for them at the same time. Once you’ve registered you will receive confirmation e-mails at your e-mail address, and you can automatically confirm them with Chameleon Confirmer.

Do you miss some tube sites in the database? Send us their url and we’ll make sure to add them to the database if possible. You can send tube sites at

TIPS&TRICKS: Tube Sites Submitter automatically recognizes CAPTCHA‘s

TIPS&TRICKS: Tube Sites Submitter automatically recognizes CAPTCHA‘s

Registration of profiles and video uploads to tubes are fast and easy thanks to the CAPTCHA autofill feature!

Tube Sites Submitter is an unique software for registering profiles at tube sites and video uploads to the registered tube sites.

The whole process is very time consuming, but we brought you a very simple way to register and upload to hundreds of tube sites in literally just a few minutes. This process can be simple and fast, because of automatic recognition of CAPTCHA’s (verification codes). The unique implementation in Tube Sites Submitter ensures that you do not have to manually enter these codes every time, but Tube Sites Submitter will automatically fill them out for you!

So for example: uploading a single video to around 100 tube sites will not last half a day, but only a few minutes ( depending on your connection speed ) and registration to hundreds of tubes will also take only a few minutes of your time!  Therefore you save a lot of time and can dedicate yourself to your business.

Would like to know more about Tube Sites Submitter? Click here:
Exclusive advertising space on Tube Sites Submitter!

Exclusive advertising space on Tube Sites Submitter!

From today we offer you an exclusive advertising space on site!

Type of Traffic:
Tube Sites Submitter attracts 100% of adult webmaster traffic. These are users who know how to make money using tube sites submitter.

This type of traffic is suitable for:
Promoting tube solutions such as: scripts, free hosted galleries, or anything regarding tubes.

Large number of adult Webmaster resource sites, articles on adult webmasters resource sites, adult webmasters board, search engines, paid spots.

How traffic is sold:
We sell traffic per month

Form of advertisement:
Ads have the form of paid banners, 120 x 60 pix. Maximum allowed size of banner is 40 kB.

Banner formats:
At the moment we only accept gif and jpeg formats

How many people visit your sites?
Our sites are visited by more than 3500 webmasters monthly, which are interested in Tube Sites Submitter!

only $119/1 month

Where the campaign can be seen:
The campaign is displayed on all static Tube Sites Submitter pages.


If you would like to make more out of our webmaster traffic we are ready to find a personalized solution for you! For details please contact us at cs ( @ )

How To Make Money With Tube Sites Submitter

How To Make Money With Tube Sites Submitter

Part I


There are multiple ways to make money with tube submits. The basic concept is to submit the sponsor videos to tubes and get traffic/sales using the watermark and using the backlinks (sometimes banners also) placed under the video.

The best part about tube video submitting is that we don’t need any fancy hosting, because the videos will be hosted on the tubes and the traffic you will burn is absolutely minimal!

So as with any promotion the first thing we need to do is to choose the sponsor or sponsors and contact them. We need to contact them because we want to edit their videos and not every sponsor is okay with that.

There are many ways you can edit the videos:

–         you can add an additional watermark with a redirection link (e.g. where if the surfer types in the url he will be redirected – using htaccess or php – to the tour page)

–         you can remove the original watermark and add a redirection link like mentioned above (WARNING: ask for permission first!)

–         you can remove the original watermark and add a new watermark where the domain will be a copy of the tour page (WARNING: ask for permission first!)

As you can imagine the best option is the 3rd one where the surfers may bookmark your landing page and you won’t loose any sales. Of course not every sponsor is ok with removing their original watermark, but there are many which can use some additional sales 🙂


Always contact your sponsor: don’t try to watermark their videos without asking! Tube submitting is a long term business, I still receive sales from 2-3 year old submits!

Don’t overdo the watermarking: put only ‘stylish’ watermarks on your videos, otherwise the tubes may not list you!

Write meaningful titles and descriptions: as you may already know, search engines love tubes; a little SEO can rank you higher!

What tools do we need?

Here is the short list of tools you will need:

Tube Sites Submitter – our main tool, you can automatically create profiles and you can automatically submit videos to tubes. Some tubes require manual attention (around 5%).

Chameleon Confirmer – this tool will confirm all the mails you will receive after the profile creation. (not necessary, but will save you a lot of time)

Windows Movie Maker, Video Charge, Sony Vegas… – a video editing software of your choice. You can find free and also paid ones on the internet.

Nifty Stats – used for tracking sales statistics: clicks, hits, ratios, no. of sales etc. This tool will save you a lot of time and will give you a nice overview about your overall progress. (free and paid versions available)

As you can see most of the software is free of charge and the amount for the paid one can be covered by only one PPS sale.

Part II


First you need to know that I’ve created the videos using the third option, so by removing the original watermark and adding a watermark to my own domain where the copy of the tour page can be found with a little tweak: I’ve removed the WMV trailers from the tour, so only thumbnails and episode text is available for the surfer. This way the ratios are better and you can also save a lot of bandwidth. And finally the join links will lead the surfer to the original join page.


Amount of submitted videos: 20

Average time of one submission:

–         manual part: 10 minutes

–         auto part: 40-50 minutes (highly depends on the connection speed and video size)

Traffic source: (mostly) type-in traffic and clickable links/banners from tubes

Length of the videos: 3-5 minutes

Size of the videos: 17-40 MB

Stats, stats, stats … and some nice graphs

Let’s see some numbers. I’ve tracked my progress for 31 days (December). The traffic varies, the reason for this is that most of the tubes don’t list the videos right away and some of the tubes won’t list your video on the first page, but you will still receive traffic from these sites if you properly optimize your titles and descriptions (surfers love to use the search function, not like webmasters J ). But as you can see the traffic is rising and the site gets more then 500+ unique daily only from video submits!

Traffic screenshots:

Traffic by country:

So we got traffic, but are these surfers coming from? Let’s check it out:

Sales screenshots:

Okay so we got traffic from so called ‘high quality’ countries. But are these people buying anything? Yes they are! Just check out the following screenshot from Nifty Stats.

I’ve tried two different join pages – one with trial and one without trial. After two weeks of testing I’ve switched back to the non-trial & non-recurring join page from the trial join page. It is the most profitable option in the long run (the member area isn’t updated anymore so there is no reason for the surfers to renew).

As you can see I’ve made 3 sales on the fourth day which is an excellent result, not talking about the constant sales after this day (with some exceptions).

Tour page ratios:

Now you might say that these ratios are only join page ratios because the traffic to tour page isn’t tracked by the sponsor only the join hits are. Let’s compare those both. In the following graph the blue bars represent the number of unique visitors to the join page and the red bar represents the amount of unique visitors to the tour page. As you may see most of the surfers do click through to the join page:

From all these statistics we can easily calculate the overall ratio (sales : tour page unique) à 1:445


Submitting to tubes is an effective way to get more traffic and more sales. It’s a vital option for both affiliates and sponsors. As you can see on the screenshots above, I’ve made a pretty nice profit on my initial investment 🙂