Proxy server for uploading videos to adult tube sites

It’s one of the most important things! How to properly set up a proxy server for your profile in Tube Sites Submitter and for your video uploads?

Setting up a proxy server correctly for your profile in Tube Sites Submitter is one of the most important things when creating profiles on adult tube sites, but also when uploading videos.

┬áIf you create a new profile in Tube Sites Submitter (you can also read how to create a new profile in our tutorials – How to use Tube Sites Submitter) it is very important to set the IP address correctly, so a proxy. Not all proxies are ideal for video uploading, because not every proxy service provider can handle a large amount of data on these proxy servers, so it is important to find a good proxy partner who will provide you with quality proxy service.

Setting up a profile in the Tube Sites Submitter is easy, after filling in all the necessary data under the first tab in the right part check Use Proxy and fill in the data provided by your proxy provider.

Proxy Server Settings
Proxy server settings in Tube Sites Submitter

Remember that you can always enter a different proxy server for each profile. If you do not specify any proxy settings, Tube Sites Submitter will take your settings from your browser, which you have in Internet Explorer. Of course, we recommend that you set these proxy settings for each profile separately.

It is also important to note, that many IP addresses are transparent, and even if you have the correct data set in the Tube Sites Submitter, your real IP address is visible to the end server. In practice, this means that if you upload videos to adult tube sites, or create new profiles on adult tube sites (not in the Tube Sites Submitter), the administrator sees your real IP address. These proxy servers are cheaper, but not suitable for this purpose. It is better to use a slightly more expensive service and buy private proxies or servers that will not reveal your real IP address.

For the purpose of testing whether the proxy server reveals your real IP, we have integrated a function into Tube Sites Submitter, which you can use at any time. Open the Tube Sites Submitter and in the first step (Profile) click on the Test button. This way you can easily and quickly find out if you are visible for other adult tube sites.

Testing real ip address

Are you looking for quality proxy servers for your video uploads?

Advanced Private Proxies
Instant Proxies – Proxy Servers Provider

Remember that for Tube Sites Submitter to work effectively for you, you must know how to use it properly. See how to properly set up the submitter for everyday work. Don’t miss the tips and trick on our blog, where you will learn more tweaks.

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