Help: How to use the Tube Sites Submitter

Help: How to use the Tube Sites Submitter

We have put together a brief help me to show you how to set up and use the Tube Sites Submitter correctly.

You can download the complete tutorial or follow these separate links:

Step 1 – Set your Profile in the Tube Sites Submitter
In this step you will learn how to fill in your profile information to be used later when registering to tube sites.

Watch this tutorial

Step 2 – Register to Tube Sites (auto and manual profile creation on tube sites)
Registering (profile creation) has never been easier. Watch this tutorial

Step 3 – Enter details about the video to be uploaded to tube sites
Just enter some basic info and set the category before the video can be uploaded.

Watch this tutorial

Step 4 – Auto and manual video upload to tube sites + results from the upload
Auto and manual video upload and results from the upload.

+  How to set up and use Scheduler in the Tube Sites Submitter

Watch this tutorial

Click here for some advice to avoid errors while using the Tube Sites Submitter.
All files are flash with an exe extension.

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22 thoughts on “Help: How to use the Tube Sites Submitter

  1. hi ive registered and still cant upload files to the site it keeps on saying no account set up but ive recieved and responded to confirmation email from varius sites yet i still get the same response 48 hours later.

    I have manually submitted to the first 2 site and its accepted my videos as soon as i registerd .

    gettiong a bit peeved at mo can you explain what i should to to rectify situ

    thanks JImbo

  2. Hi,
    how can i add groups? I can’t find it in tutorials. I have the newest program version and i don’t know how to do it.

    Thank you for your response.


  3. Why don’t you embed the videos here, like normal sites. In 2016 it’s hard to believe you’re using an exe file for holding videos.

  4. Hello,

    We would like to use a different computer to complete the registration process, but cannot figure out how to transfer the data. Is this possible?

  5. How long does it usually take to receive the email with content that is paid for? Been waiting for 30 minutes and still no mail.

    1. at this time PORN.COM does not accept new uploads, but we are constantly watching this adult tube site as soon as we can add it to the database.

  6. Please explain how to use the “exclude” list (on the video upload tab) or please update the software so that when I hover the mouse over that field, a description pops up explaining how to use it.

  7. I bough the software but most of the beter sites don’t work, browser is not supported or sites don’t load correct.

    Not worth the money for me.

    Any advice or idea when things work again ??

  8. Not working have paid for site submitter and email confirm both are out dated. very hard to get in contact with customer support as well. Really will want a refund at this point.

    1. I’ve been trying to get in contact with support for over 2 weeks just to ask some pre-sale questions… and despite emailing them over 5 times… no response still. After reading this, I can see why… im glad I didn’t waste my money on this since its out of date. What a waste of a potentially powerful software.

      1. Hi, we recommend that you look at your spam box, probably our answers went to your spam box, or try to write to us from some other email. Thank you.

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