Backlinks from adult tube sites

Backlinks from adult tube sites – how to get them easily and for free?

We bring you an experimental function to Tube Sites Submitter. Your adult tube site can get a lot of backlinks, videos and traffic, just place the videos of our users (Tube Sites Submitter users) on your tube site.

We all know this well, all who we have adult tube sites we look for more and more backlinks to rank our sites higher. You have to buy a large number of these backlinks, so it is very demanding on your budget. You can also exchange links for free, but you are well aware that many times those pages have a dubious past with content completely different then adult. We are not satisfied with that either, so we have proposed something new.

We automatically connect two groups of people:

Uploaders – users who upload their videos to adult tube sites daily

Adult tube sites owners – owners of adult tube sites, who will place videos of uploaders on their sites

How does it works? It’s very simple.

Before submitting the video to you, the uploader will place a backlink on the page that is listed on the video as a watermark. When you receive a video as a tube site owner, you will simply check to see if your backlink is available on that particular site. However, it is necessary to say that it’s very important that the tube sites owner really publishes the uploaders videos and thus the whole process is closed. The uploader will get his/hers content online and the tube site will get a backlink + new content.

In our previous articles, we also mentioned the method of acquiring new uploaders for your adult tube site and how to build a content-independent adult tube site, don’t forget to read it.

This feature is not yet publicly available. We currently accept max. 10 tube sites, want to participate in testing?

Send us your tube site via the form, you do not have to pay any fee at the moment.

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