Step 4 – Auto and manual video upload to tube sites + results from the upload

Step 4 – Auto and manual video upload to tube sites + results from the upload

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Step 4 – Auto and manual video upload to tube sites + results from the upload
Auto and manual video upload and results from the upload.

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50. In this step we will be uploading the video, we will show how to launch auto upload and how to work with manual upload and just like in the previous step we are only going to need just a few clicks before the video begins uploading.

51. If you divided the tube sites into GROUPS then this is where you can choose a Group and select those tube sites in it which will receive your video. I did not create any groups and so I’m not selecting anything, going straight for the SELECT button.

52. Clicking the button selects those tube sites which meet the parameters specified in the previous step (video information)…

53. and here you see the selection of tube sites to which my video will be uploaded


In this step tube sites are only selected for upload if you created a profile on them, i.e. they were tagged as Approved in the Register step.

Once the tube sites are selected for auto and manual upload various messages appear in the Results column. This is mainly to indicate those tube sites where you do not have a profile, etc.

54. Here I set the number of auto threads.


Keep in mind the speed of your upload connection when setting the number of threads – the faster your connection is the more threads it will accommodate. For slow speeds of up to 1 mbit we recommend to set no more than 2 threads.

55. Normally I select 2 manual upload windows because this is most comfortable for me but in this tutorial I’ll only open one window.

56. A click on the Start button begins the upload process.

57. The upload process begins immediately and the progress bar shows the status of the upload…

58. Let’s do the manual upload now. You can upload manually even while auto upload is on in the background or you may choose to wait until it finishes before you continue with manual upload. If your upload link is slower then I recommend to wait until auto uploads finish.

59. A windows opens to display the upload form of the tube site.

60. Here you see that TSS pre-completed the fields on the upload form for you but it is still necessary to check that the result is correct. The forms themselves are not always error-free and the most important thing of all is to have an up-to-date database, so it’s advisable to update it before every upload.

61. click Upload Files if everything is all right

62. Your video begins uploading.

63. This is the result, the video is uploaded!

We repeat this process until the video has been uploaded to every tube site which was pre-selected for manual upload.

64. Now that both auto and manual upload is finished we can check the results to make sure the video was uploaded correctly.

Go to the Results tab [column/field???] to see the results.

I’m selecting the first tube site to see what result the upload returned.

65. The result report is opened in an Internet Explorer window.

Like I mentioned before, these results are saved on your computer during (or after) upload. They will only be saved if you select a Profile Folder in the first step, Profile. No result reports will be available if you failed to set the folder!

66. Here you see that the auto upload to the tube site succeeded.

67. You can quickly go through all results and resubmit (reupload) if you find any errors or failed uploads. The results may contain error messages which we’ll explain here:

“Error” – an unknown error or an error returned by Internet Explorer

“Item not found” – the form or one of its fields was not found on the tube site

“Item ambiguous” – several similar forms or fields on the tube site were encountered

“Invalid parameter” – an invalid parameter in the database, please contact our support and our editors will correct the problem

“Cannot find image code” – no captcha image was found on the page

“Cannot recognize image code” – captcha image sending failed

“Code limit” – you’ve exceeded your monthly captcha recognition limit

“Unknown code error” – captcha was not recognized, the recognition service failed

“Timeout” – displayed if the tube site failed to load

68. and we are at the end… now your video is displayed to tens of thousands tube site users and if you want you can return to video information and upload another video or register more profiles on tube sites under a different category.

We trust this tutorial showed you how to use Tube Sites Submitter in a more efficient way. Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions or suggestions!

PLAY TUTORIALS NOW! ( All files are flash with an exe extension. )

Help: How to use the Tube Sites Submitter

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