Some advice to avoid common errors while using the Tube Sites Submitter

The Tube Site Submitter is a very specific application and to minimize functionality issues some hardware and software requirements should be met.

We recommend to use the Tube Sites Submitter with:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
CPU min. 2 GHz
1 GB of RAM
40 MB of free disk space
Minimum 1024×768 screen resolution
MS Internet Explorer 8.0
An Internet connection

Don’t forget to keep your version of Windows updated

Don’t forget to keep your Flash updated.

Don’t forget to update the database whenever you use the Tube Site Submitter.

We recommend to use a fast Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1 mbit/s.

The results may contain error messages which we’ll explain here:

“Error” – an unknown error or an error returned by Internet Explorer
“Item not found” – the form or one of its fields was not found on the tube site
“Item ambiguous” – several similar forms or fields on the tube site were encountered
“Invalid parameter” – an invalid parameter in the database, please contact our support and our editors will correct the problem
“Cannot find image code” – no captcha image was found on the page
“Cannot recognize image code” – captcha image sending failed
“Code limit” – you’ve exceeded your monthly captcha recognition limit
“Unknown code error” – captcha was not recognized, the recognition service failed
“Timeout” – displayed if the tube site failed to load

If you encounter an error, first check your Internet connection and make sure it is uninterrupted and that your Internet Service Provider is not restricting your speed, data volume etc.

Make sure you have at least Internet Explorer version 8 installed

Often an error message from the list above is removed by just repeating the upload of the video or recreating your profile on the site.

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  1. I cant get anything done with your program, I’m getting like 500 errors when I try to upload something, I’ve been at it for 3 hours what the fuck am I supposed to do to fix it?


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