Step 3 – Enter details about the video to be uploaded to tube sites

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Step 3 – Enter details about the video to be uploaded to tube sites
Just enter some basic info and set the category before the video can be uploaded.

PLAY TUTORIALS NOW! ( All files are flash with an exe extension. )

41. In this step we will show how to correctly enter information about a video which we are going to upload to tube sites. It is not difficult and the whole process takes only a couple of minutes. It can actually take under a minute if you have everything ready.

I begin by entering the description of the video – while it is still too short, the number next to it shows in red, then the correct length is indicated by a green number and if you exceed it the numbers turn red again. Please, make sure that all your descriptions are in the green range.

I will now enter the texts and to speed the process up I’ll use Copy/Paste.

42. Now I select the video to be uploaded

43. here you see that other info like the length of the video, its file size and format are entered by the program automatically

44. this is where we enter tags which are simple words appropriately describing the content of the video

45. Here I fill in the name of the site I am promoting, then the URL of the paysite advertised and of course a 2257 info URL which confirms that the content I am uploading is legal.

46. Now to choose the category. This will determine the mix of tube sites which will be generated from the database and to which my video will be uploaded.

I want to upload the video to the amateur section and so I choose the amateur category.


All tube sites in the database are identified by their rules (categories, video length, video format, etc…) and so it might happen that a tube site accepts your chosen category, but your video might be too short, or too long, and would not be included in the upload batch.

47. In addition to the main category you may choose other, niche-related categories for the video.


It is in your own interest not to get silly with the categories or to select categories which do not apply to the video – it kills your efficiency and the tube sites might ban you and delete your profile.

48. I select the Video Type, Production, Broadcast and then choose a Profile.

49. Now that everything has been completed we move on to the next step in which our videos are actually uploaded to the tube sites. We make sure that all our info is saved by clicking on the Save & Continue button.

PLAY TUTORIALS NOW! ( All files are flash with an exe extension. )

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