Update the Tube Sites Submitter database, it is important!

Update the Tube Sites Submitter database to upload your videos more efficiently

This tutorial may seem unnecessary and some of you may even laugh at it, but it is extremely important. It shows how to update the Tube Sites Submitter database. The database now contains more than 220 tube sites and is regularly maintained by our update team, checking the sites daily, repairing links and deleting dead sites or those which do not accept new videos, and simply add more and more new tube sites which are hungry for new videos and need fresh content.

The Tube Sites Submitter database contains tube sites by their rules, e.g. video length, video size, categories, and other rules. Our team checks the sites daily and updates the values and rules if necessary.

If you’re interested in how to update your Tube Sites Submitter database, there is a short video we made.

Do not forget: Efficiency = Updated database

Tips & Tricks

Do you want to achieve maximum efficiency? Update your database before each upload of your videos or at least every day.

Once you’ve updated Tube Sites Submitter you can go to Step 2 (REGISTER) to review the tube sites which have been added and register for them at the same time. Once you’ve registered you will receive confirmation e-mails at your e-mail address, and you can automatically confirm them with Chameleon Confirmer.

Do you miss some tube sites in the database? Send us their url and we’ll make sure to add them to the database if possible. You can send tube sites at http://tubesitessubmitter.com/support.php

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