Do you have a tube site and do you need backlinks?

Do you have an adult tube site and do you need a lot of backlinks to improve your SE rankings? Read about our new feature, which we offer to adult tube sites owners.

We will add your adult tube site to our Tube Sites Submitter’s database. You get two benefits, content and backlinks.

How does it work and what do I have to do to be in your database?

After adding your tube site to our database, videos from our uploaders will start coming to your tube, who need to make their videos visible and to be viewed by as much users as possible. As a reward for publishing their videos on your adult tube site with various benefits and advantages, they will place your backlink on their index page, which they have in the video as a watermark. You get content (videos) and backlinks (from the uploaders index page).

Link Building

Collaboration between the owner of the adult tube site and the uploader.

This creates a mutual cooperation between the uploader and the owner of the adult tube site. We recommend that you motivate uploaders and prepare several benefits for them, which will motivate them to place a free backlink to your adult tube site.

Here are some of the benefits we recommend to provide to the uploaders

• enable url in video title

• enable url in video description

• allow longer descriptions

• publish videos quicker

• allow shorter videos (from 1 min.)

• send traffic to videos

• publish videos of uploaders at higher positions

Mandatory rules for publication in the TSS database

• your site must generate traffic

• you have to send traffic to the uploaders videos

• videos of our users must be published

• after upload you must display the videos on the user profile

Are you interested?

Prepare a simple recip.

The uploader will place this recip, which is in a simple html format, on its page

At the moment we only accept text recips in the following form:

<a href=”” title=”Amateur Porn” target=”_new”>Amateur Porn Videos</a>

Add your adult tube site, fill out the short form at Add Tube Site If your adult tube site meets the conditions then it will appear in our database within a few days.

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