What type of adult tube site to create?

General, Niched, or micro-niched?

This is probably the first question everyone will ask themselves when they decide to create their own adult tube site.

Will I make a general tube site, niched tube site, or micro niched tube site?

It’s an important question, because each adult tube site has its own specifications.

In this short article we will talk about the specifications for general tube sites, niched tube sites and micro niched tube sites.

What is a General Adult Tube Site?

A General Adult Tube Site is primarily a tube site which is characterized by a large number of categories, which means that as you decide to create this adult tube site, you will have at least 10 categories, e.g. Amateur, Hardcore, Teens, Interracial, MILF, Mature, Fetsih, Pornstars, Shemale, Tranny etc .. etc .. those are simply the main categories in which you or your webmasters will upload their content.

These are categories that are not specifically targeted at specific fetishes.

However, if you opt for a general tube site, I recommend that you add a few niched categories there, which will help you with better positions in SEO.

You will get a hybrid of categories where the basic part consists of general categories such as Amateur, Teens, Hardcore and the other half will be formed by niched categories eg. Bondage, Strapon, Creampie, etc.

The exact example of such a hybrid is the adult tube site Best Porn Flix, where the categories are divided as general, but also as niched.

General adult tube site

It is important to realize that with more categories more engaging users will come as well, but the more work will you have to keep those niched categories up to date.

However, you can get very nice positions in the search engines right for these niched categories, because nowadays it is very unlikely that you will get to the top positions in Google for amateur sex, amateur porn, teen porn, etc. .. therefore it is good to focus on a specific niche and with this site you can achieve much times better results than with the general adult tube site.

What is a niched adult tube site?

A niched adult tube site is a site focused on a specific fetish.

By a specific fetish we mean e.g. creampie, pregnant, bdsm, bondage, latex, pissing, hairy etc … they are already specific words focused on various sexual practices of various fetishes.

If you want to be inspired, use any keyword analyzer tool that will advise you which fetishes are searched, what their search volume is, and accordingly you can create a niche site that will bring you not only traffic but also earnings.

If you decide for a specific fetish and devote yourself to only one fetish (niche site), properly analyze the key words, such as searches and especially do the analysis of the difficulty of obtaining a position in the search engines for that particular niche. It is foolish to do a niche where there is great saturation on the keywords and to push yourself into a crowded space.

You’d better find a niche where it’s easier to get good positions in the search engines. If you have chosen a niche, register a domain that expresses the niche or the part of the niche that you want to promote. Remember to create micro niche categories for your new niche site’s content.

Unlike a  general tube site, where you can earn mainly on impressions, here at the niched adult tube site you can earn on impressions, but also on the sale of memberships on niched paid sites. Be sure to try affiliate programs that have niched pay sites. It is up to you what program you choose, whether it will be PPS (Pay per SignUp) or Revshare.

What is a micro-niched adult tube site?

A micro niched adult tube site is one that, with its content of videos, photos and texts, is already focused on a specific fetish.

We can compare to a niche like creampie and from it we can derive other micro niche categories, such as anal creampie, gangbang creampie, pornstars creampie, japanese creampie, bbc creampie etc.…

If you create such a micro niched tube site, or micro niched blog, don’t forget to find well-paid sites from the given niche and sell memberships right for these micro niches. Even searching for different micro niches can have a variety of search results. Of course there is a huge number of micro niche keywords.

You can have a micro niche that has 300 searches per month, but you can also have key words or phrases that have tens of thousands of searches per month. I will leave this analysis to you.

If you choose a good micro niche site and update it regularly, you will definitely succeed and it will bring you very good earnings.

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