Exclusive advertising space on Tube Sites Submitter!

Exclusive advertising space on Tube Sites Submitter!

From today we offer you an exclusive advertising space on http://www.tubesitessubmitter.com/ site!

Type of Traffic:
Tube Sites Submitter attracts 100% of adult webmaster traffic. These are users who know how to make money using tube sites submitter.

This type of traffic is suitable for:
Promoting tube solutions such as: scripts, free hosted galleries, or anything regarding tubes.

Large number of adult Webmaster resource sites, articles on adult webmasters resource sites, adult webmasters board, search engines, paid spots.

How traffic is sold:
We sell traffic per month

Form of advertisement:
Ads have the form of paid banners, 120 x 60 pix. Maximum allowed size of banner is 40 kB.

Banner formats:
At the moment we only accept gif and jpeg formats

How many people visit your sites?
Our sites are visited by more than 3500 webmasters monthly, which are interested in Tube Sites Submitter!

only $119/1 month

Where the campaign can be seen:
The campaign is displayed on all static Tube Sites Submitter pages.


If you would like to make more out of our webmaster traffic we are ready to find a personalized solution for you! For details please contact us at cs ( @ ) chameleonsubmitter.com

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