Improve your outreach to the online community on the forums

Effective Forum Submitter is a tool designed to automate and streamline the process of contributing to online forums. Its main purpose is to make the process of sharing content, links, photos and videos or marketing messages on different forums easier and faster, saving time and increasing productivity. It may look old to some ( the appearance may suggest it ) but this software doesn’t really need an update, it’s functional and it does what it’s supposed to 🙂

How does it work ?
In the Effective Forum Submitter you prepare messages or content that you want to send out to the online forums. It can be text, photos or videos. Whether you have forums where you post regularly or you have marketing forums you can send this content directly and it is immediately visible. What is very good is that you can directly insert these posts under your profiles in this software.

Database for or where can I submit my content ?
EFS supports several types of forum scripts that it can work with, which means you can submit content into these forums. It supports phpBB and vBulletin®. So all forums that use these scripts EFS will send you content. However, EFS does not have a predefined database of forums, but each user has to create this database himself. Creating the database is a one-time process and then you can use it for the whole period of using EFS. Adding forums is not limited and you can add unlimited number of forums.


Time Saving: Automating the process allows users to save time that they would otherwise have to spend manually contributing to forums.

Increased online presence: Allows users to increase their online presence and reach a wider audience.
Efficient campaign management: Ideal for marketing campaigns where content needs to be shared across multiple platforms.

Flexibility and adaptability: Customizable settings allow you to tailor posts to the specifics of each forum.
In general, Effective Forum Submitter is a tool that can be especially useful for digital marketers, bloggers, SEO specialists, and other online professionals looking to maximize their visibility online. Its exact functionality and price may vary depending on the specific product and provider.

And how to use it in the adult segment ? Quite simply, add video and image forums where you can post your content – photos, videos .. info. Buy/Sell sections, post your ads, offers to many forums without spending a whole day posting messages to the forums.

Effective Forum Submitter costs only 14,95 USD/ per year. BUY NOW!

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