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How to create Groups in Tube Sites Submitter?

How to create Groups in Tube Sites Submitter?

Groups are a very useful feature. This new function allows you to group tube sites according to your own structure or interests. It is one of the most useful utilities for me personally, because I create various groups based on conversions and traffic.

First of all, my database is organized into traffic-based groups. Depending on what you are about to upload (niche, affiliate program) you select a group and then generate tube sites to which your video is uploaded.

My groups are as follows:






It is not quite true that the largest tube sites send you the most sales. After a time of uploading, when you create your own list of sites, you might be surprised to learn which sites actually send sales your way. Traffic from tube sites is very variable and it is good to monitor this parameter.


It is very quick and simple. Open the Tube Sites Submitter and click on Database > Show in the top menu.

The tube sites database is shown. Click on the NEW button on the top. This opens a window where you can name your new GROUP and then click OK. Done! Your GROUP has been created. From now on whenever you Upload in step #3 (UPLOAD) you can select the GROUP from which Tube Sites are generated for your next upload.

Tube sites from groups are still generated according to their rules and categories, so if a site fails to generate, it is not a software error. Most likely your settings did not meet the rules of the tube site (incorrect video info – length, category, description, etc.)

video upload sites



When beginning with uploads, I recommend you to upload to every tube site possible (not just the largest ones). After some time you will create your own list of tube sites which convert and send quality traffic.

Help: How to use the Tube Sites Submitter

Help: How to use the Tube Sites Submitter

We have put together a brief help me to show you how to set up and use the Tube Sites Submitter correctly.

You can download the complete tutorial or follow these separate links:

Step 1 – Set your Profile in the Tube Sites Submitter
In this step you will learn how to fill in your profile information to be used later when registering to tube sites.

Watch this tutorial

Step 2 – Register to Tube Sites (auto and manual profile creation on tube sites)
Registering (profile creation) has never been easier.

Watch this tutorial

Step 3 – Enter details about the video to be uploaded to tube sites
Just enter some basic info and set the category before the video can be uploaded.

Watch this tutorial

+  How to set up and use Scheduler in the Tube Sites Submitter

Step 4 – Auto and manual video upload to tube sites + results from the upload
Auto and manual video upload and results from the upload.

Watch this tutorial

Click here for some advice to avoid errors while using the Tube Sites Submitter.
All files are flash with an exe extension.