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Video categories. How to set and use them?

Video categories. How to set and use them?

categories-video-uploadThis time I decided to write a tutorial about a really important thing, about CATEGORIES.
What are categories and what are they good for?

In Tube Sites Submitters database we have every tube site categorized by categories. Whenever you are about to upload your video during step #3 (Video) you choose categories from 1 to 6. When you start the upload process Tube Sites Submitter will upload your videos using the priority of those 1 to 6 categories, which means, that the first category has the highest priority. You have to learn to set these categories correctly if you want to be successful. Let me show you a few tips for setting the correct categories.

  1. You need to know the meaning of each category and the niche it describes. Try to get familiar with these categories and do a Google search for example for each of them.
  2.  High Priority! What type of paysite do you promote, so for what site ( niche ) are you trying to sell membership.
  3.  High Priority! What kind of traffic do you want to gain and monetize from the tube sites.

Accurately set categories increase the success of uploads and the correct enlistment of videos, which also means higher sales.
Let’s look at an actual case. I work with affiliate programs, ie. I promote their pay sites and want to make the most ( membership ) sales for these sites.

  1. I pick a paysite which I’m going to promote ( eg. a Foot fetish pay site )
  2. In cooperation with the affiliate program I pick a video approximately 6 min. in length
  3. I watch the video and find out the niches it represents. Of course it’s important for this video to contain the paysites main niche, ie. foot fetish. I take a note in case I see that the video contains more niches… for example bondage, it’s an amateur video, there is a blowjob, cumshot…

Then I choose the categories in Tube Sites Submitter in the following order:

1. Feet ( always the paysites niche, because this is the traffic we mostly need )
2. FootJob ( I target the closest Fetish category )
3. Fetish ( I target the general Fetish category )
4. Bondage ( I target close Fetish categories )

Now it’s up to our consideration to select the last two niches. I personally would go with

5. Cumshot
6. Amateur

Always choose those niche categories first that you promote or you want to get traffic for.

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Tube Sites and Video Sites Submitter
Tube Sites and Video Sites Submitter
What can I do if I have this buzz : Number of activations in last 30 days exceeded

What can I do if I have this buzz : Number of activations in last 30 days exceeded

“Number of activations in last 30 days exceeded” or “License used with new installation or database. You can change and activate new installation twice in 30 days. Do you wish to activate this installation?” 


How can I use my license?

When purchasing a single license one installation (copy) of TSS can be used on one PC.

I have a laptop and a desktop which I use both, can I install TSS on both computers?
Using a single license only one copy can be used, so you need two licenses.

Can I install TSS into two directories on one PC?
You can, but you need two TSS licenses. When running TSS it’s necessary to use the corresponding TSS account for the currently running isntallation.

What if I bought a new computer?
You can move your installation to the new computer using the following way: first install TSS using the regular installer. Then move your TSS files from the old installation directory to the new one, to keep the database of accounts. The submission results can be kept by moving the profile directories (set at the profile tab).
When starting TSS it says the following: “License used with new installation or database. You can change and activate new installation twice in 30 days. Do you wish to activate this installation?”. What does it means?
It means, that you have used the license (TSS account) on a different installation / copy of TSS (other PC, other directory, etc.) as the last time. If you accidentally used the wrong account, then click on “No” and use the correct one. If you no longer want to use the original installation with this TSS account (e.g. you moved it to a different PC, you want to work with an empty database, etc.), then click “Yes”.

WARNING: You can do so only twice in a 30 day period, after that your license can be used only on the previous installation till the 30 day period of double activation expires, so max. 30 days.

How to create Groups in Tube Sites Submitter?

How to create Groups in Tube Sites Submitter?

Groups are a very useful feature. This new function allows you to group tube sites according to your own structure or interests. It is one of the most useful utilities for me personally, because I create various groups based on conversions and traffic.

First of all, my database is organized into traffic-based groups. Depending on what you are about to upload (niche, affiliate program) you select a group and then generate tube sites to which your video is uploaded.

My groups are as follows:






It is not quite true that the largest tube sites send you the most sales. After a time of uploading, when you create your own list of sites, you might be surprised to learn which sites actually send sales your way. Traffic from tube sites is very variable and it is good to monitor this parameter.


It is very quick and simple. Open the Tube Sites Submitter and click on Database > Show in the top menu.

The tube sites database is shown. Click on the NEW button on the top. This opens a window where you can name your new GROUP and then click OK. Done! Your GROUP has been created. From now on whenever you Upload in step #3 (UPLOAD) you can select the GROUP from which Tube Sites are generated for your next upload.

Tube sites from groups are still generated according to their rules and categories, so if a site fails to generate, it is not a software error. Most likely your settings did not meet the rules of the tube site (incorrect video info – length, category, description, etc.)

video upload sites



When beginning with uploads, I recommend you to upload to every tube site possible (not just the largest ones). After some time you will create your own list of tube sites which convert and send quality traffic.

New version of Tube Sites Submitter (we need beta testers)!

New version of Tube Sites Submitter (we need beta testers)!


we have a new beta version of Tube Sites Submitter with lots of improvements. The best one is the auto upload feature to the largest tubes sites using channels. You no longer need to manually upload to tube sites when you posses a content partner account.

We are looking mainly for those users, who have Channels at tubes sites, such as pornhub, redtube, xvideos, etc…

If you are interested in testing our software, or you would like to add your Content Partner Account, just let us know via

Fast upload submit video to sex com

Fast upload submit video to sex com

Upload or submit videos to has never been easier.
Tube Sites Submitter do everything for you. Just one click and the video will submit to the

Create a profile for is automatic

In our database is now more than 240 tube sites where you can send your video

More info at

Other tools which help you:
Affiliate Stats Tracking Software :
Effective Forum Submitter:

Our Tube / Video Site Submitter is getting more and more popular

Our Tube / Video Site Submitter is getting more and more popular

We are very happy for Tube Site Submitters increased popularity, so we try to constantly improve it to save you as much time as possible.

Our update team is constantly adding more and more new tube sites, and in the database there are already more than 240 active tube sites, broken down by niche and the sites rules, so you can always upload your videos to these tubes sites. We are also perfecting the software that controls the whole upload process, so thanks to that you are able to automatically upload to the largest tube sites such as,,,, etc.

We’ve already added and new tubes (old TGP sites) such as,

You can find more information About Tube / Video Site Submitter here

Would you like to try the DEMO? You can download it here

Want to use the full software immediately? Visit the following URL for instant purchase and download

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Chameleon Submitter Team

Don’t stress about tube submits and enjoy the summer!

Don’t stress about tube submits and enjoy the summer!

Don’t stress about tube submits and enjoy the summer! We’ll do all the work for you…

We offer you professional and unlimited upload of your videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including registration for tube sites! We have a large, regularly updated database of tube sites. It is up to you to specify the number of videos which you want to upload daily!
At the moment videos of our clients are uploaded to 200-250 tube sites daily. This database is continuously updated: we add new sites, repair the ones which are not working properly and remove those which are not productive or functional.

Advantages for you:
– no extra stress
– no set-up needed
– no installation needed
– no hosting fee expenses
– no employees
– no personnel costs
– no personnel management
– no complicated employee induction
– professional service
– fast service delivery


What can we offer you? What does our video upload service include?

We offer our service on a package basis and your customized package may contain:
Request a profile account in tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Enter your registration data in tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Confirm accounts on tube sites (200-300 tube sites)
Enter client (affiliate program) login and password in the database
Upload videos to tube sites (200-300 tube sites)

Interested in more info? Click here for more about Video Upload service